Electrical Installation Condition Report

Electrical installation condition report is exactly what the name states, it is a series of electrical tests to gains a better understanding of the condition of your electrics. this is performed to ensure the safety of everyone inhabiting th building.

Faulty and old wiring is one of the main causes or electrical fires and electrical probelms in the home.  You can avoid the risk of a domestic fire by having your cables, sockets, switches and appliances checked at regular intervals. There is no law which says you must have an electrical inspection only that landlords and property owners should “do all that is reasonable” to ensure safety. Based on this we recommend a annual visual inspection performed by the property owner and a full electrical test and inspection every 5 years.

All of our electricians have been trained to the highest standards to perform electrical testing in the correct and safe manner in line with the 17th edition wiring regulations. The name may have changed from periodic inspection, but the time in-between each inspection is still the same.

Periodic Testing

  • Own installation, 10 years.
  • Rented property, 5 Years.
  • Commercial Installation, 5 years.
  • Building open to the public, 1 year.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

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