Are you looking for an electrician in London, that is trustworthy, dependable and cost effective? Look no further. At Static Electrical Services Ltd in London we train all of our electricians to our exacting standards. We are constantly undergoing training so we can provide an up to date and consistent service to our clients in London.

Electrician in London

Does your power keep tripping out?

Under normal circumstances we often have a faulty appliance on one of our socket circuits, more often than not a kettle or other similar appliance, therefore simply removing this from the equation will rectify the fault. In other instances there can potentially be a fault on the circuit itself, it is in this instance that you will require a trained professional to inspect and test the circuit to diagnose the fault, our emergency call out electricians are on 24 hour alert to visit your premises.

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Our electricians use highest quality products to guarantee longevity of any work and all work is guaranteed for a year. To get a quote from one of our electricians call our office today, all quotations is free!

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